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2004 were transferred the branch at that time of the TBT of transportation, to yard by Mr. Takil. A goal was to be established it a strong one new power in the east and southeast operating. For this for ours eastoperate Warehouse in Dresden as GATE eastward established. Where we bundled our Eastern Europe activities.

Also we began 2005 strongly. We signed beginning of the yearly in Belgium and Turkey Agency Agreements with considerable forwarding businesses, in order to ensure to our customers a better entrance to Western Europe as Turkey, the Near East and the markets in central Asia.

Success gave us right and we has decided to expanding. Naturally we wanted to be active also into the rising new European Union countries, and an address in Cheb (Eger)/ Czechia created, where we likewise aligned our logistic activities to the focus Middle-East Europe. Also here we furnished additionally to ours „normal ones „to camps (1000 m ² as well as 2500 m ² open space) deep-freeze storage depots. Also from this location we operate our transport and logistics activities to the following relations: Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Georgien, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Russia, the Baltic States of, Jordanian one, Usbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tadjikistan, Kirgisistan as the west and east European countries.

For these countries we offer all transportations, from general cargo to project transportation with over width, superelevate and to owerweight.

Around our offer and all associated achievements (e.g. customs) also locally to offer to be able in the year 2006 our office in Moscow/Russia, where we are active in building material logistics among other things, was added again as well as in this year 2007 our office in Dushanbe/Tadjikistan. Since October 2007 we are represented with a own Organisation Tashkent/Uzbekistan.

For us our customer is not simple a number, but a personality. Also in the next years we become far investments and growing, and as always us to the changes of the market adapt.

Gürhan Takil