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Georgia ([geɔrgi̯ən], Georgian საქართველო, Sakartwelo, IPA: [sɑkʰɑrtʰvɛlɔ] Listen to audio file / sound sample? / I), after the Russian name Грузия (Grusija) earlier occasionally also called Grusien or Grusinien, is a Eurasian state at the border between Europe and Asia in Transcaucasia, east of the Black Sea and south of the Greater Caucasus. In the north it is bounded by Russia, in the south by Turkey and Armenia, in the east by Azerbaijan. The parts of Abkhazia and South Ossetia are apostate and are recognized as sovereign only by Russia and some other states.

With around 3.7 million inhabitants (2015) on an area of ​​57,215 km² (excluding the breakaway parts of the country), Georgia is sparsely populated. More than a quarter of the population lives in the capital region around Tbilisi, other large cities are Kutaisi, Batumi and Rustavi.


Preparation:                                worldwide
Departure:                                   by appointment
Departure terminal:                by appointment
Duration:                                     5-8 days?
Arrival terminal:                      by appointment
Goods:                                         General merchandise; ADR; Frigo

Quotes FTL – on daily price basis
Heavy / oversized transports – on daily price basis

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

Head / conductor
Hubert Knirsch, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary



+995 32 244 73 00

+995 32 244 73 64

mailing address
Telawi Str. 20

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, c / o Sheraton Metechi Palace Hotel, Telawi Str. 20, 0103 Tbilisi (Tbilisi), Georgia

street address
c / o Sheraton Metechi Palace Hotel, Telawi Str. 20, 0103 Tbilisi (Tbilisi), Georgia

opening hours
Monday – Thursday: 08.30 to 17.30
Friday: 08.30 to 14.30
Emergency service outside opening hours: +995 599 58 61 91

District / Consular District

Republic of Georgia
Official languages ​​in the host country: Georgian

Note: When using a telephone or fax connection via satellite (Satcom) higher fees.